Month: March 2015

Too Much Confusion

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about the Fortran programming language on the internet, and a general ignorance about it among programmers. Most younger programmers who use languages invented five minutes ago probably have never seen it, and may only be dimly

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json-fortran 4.0.0

I just tagged the 4.0.0 release of json-fortran.  This is the first release with Unicode support (thanks to Izaak Beekman). Who says there are no good open source Fortran projects on the internet? The Unicode build of the library is optional

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Earth-Mars Free Return

Let’s try using the Fortran Astrodynamics Toolkit and Pikaia to solve a real-world orbital mechanics problem. In this case, computing the optimal Earth-Mars free return trajectory in the year 2018. This is a trajectory that departs Earth, and then with

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I’ve started a new project on Github for a new modern object-oriented version of the Pikaia genetic algorithm code. This is a refactoring and upgrade of the Pikaia code from the High Altitude Observatory. The original code is public domain and was

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Fortran Stream I/O

Fortran 2003 introduced many new features to the language that make things a lot easier than they were in the bad old days. Deferred-length character strings and stream I/O are two examples. Deferred-length strings were a huge addition, since they allow the

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