Month: April 2015

Fortran Compiler News

The GNU Project just announced the availability of GCC 5.1.  There are various new GFortran features, including: Availability of the intrinsic IEEE modules (ieee_features, ieee_exceptions and ieee_arithmetic) from Fortran 2003. Support for implicit none (external, type) from Fortran 2015. GFortran is

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Fortran and Pyplot

Python’s matplotlib.pyplot is a very nice collection of functions that provide an easy Matlab-like interface for data plotting. It can be used to generate quite professional looking plots. There is a lot of information on the internet about calling Fortran from Python,

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Lagrange Interpolating Polynomials

A simple Fortran implementation of interpolation by Lagrange polynomials is given below. Though named after Joseph-Louis Lagrange, the formula was first discovered by English mathematician Edward Waring. Examples of interpolating polynomials for the  function are shown here for different numbers of points , , etc.

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