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Command Line Arguments

A standard way to access a program’s command line arguments wasn’t added to Fortran until 2003. Command line arguments were one of those things (like environment variables, the file system, and the operating system shell) that the Fortran standards committee

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Another One Bites the Dust: GRAM Atmosphere Model

It looks like the Fortran community has lost another venerable NASA Fortran library to C++. I recently noticed that the latest release of NASA’s Global Reference Atmosphere Model (GRAM) is now C++. From the release link: Earth-GRAM 2016 is now available

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I have mentioned various kinds of configuration file formats used in Fortran here before. One that I haven’t mentioned is the text PCK file format used by the NAIF SPICE Toolkit. This is a format that is similar in some ways to

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IAU SOFA Version 14

The IAU Standards of Fundamental Astronomy (SOFA) library implements standard models used in fundamental astronomy. Version 14 ( 2018-01-30) has just been released. According to the release notes, this update includes the following: Change in the copyright status of the iau_DAT routine.

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Fortran 2018

The upcoming Fortran standard formerly known as Fortran 2015 has a new name: Fortran 2018. It was decided to change it in order to match the expected year of publication. This makes sense. The previous standard (Fortran 2008) was published

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Intel Fortran Compiler 18.0

Intel has just released version 18 of the Intel Fortran Compiler (part of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018). At long last, this release includes full support for the Fortran 2008 standard. The updates since the previous compiler release include: COMPILER_OPTIONS

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Time Conversions with SPICE

JPL’s SPICE Toolkit (SPICELIB) is the premier software library for computations related to solar system geometry. It is freely distributed, and is also one of the best-documented libraries I have ever come across. SPICELIB also includes a comprehensive set of

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Another One Bites the Dust

JPL recently released an update to their awesome SPICE Toolkit (it is now at version N66). The major new feature in this release is the Digital Shape Kernel (DSK) capability to define the shapes of bodies (such as asteroids) via tessellated plate

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The New Features of Fortran 2015

The glacially slow pace of Fortran language development continues! The next standard, Fortran 2015, mainly consists of updates for Fortran/C interoperability and new coarray features such as teams. In addition, there are a bunch of minor changes and discrepancy fixes. A

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Fortran in the Cloud

You can now try OpenCoarrays and Gfortran in the cloud, courtesy of Zaak Beekman and the Sourcery Institute. Just navigate to and then click “Launch”. This awesome project is enabled by various other awesome tools like Binder, Jupyter, and GitHub. Truly,

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