Fortran Astrodynamics Toolkit

I’m starting a new project on GitHub: the Fortran Astrodynamics Toolkit. Hardly anyone is developing open source orbital mechanics software for modern Fortran, so the time has come. Most of the code from this blog will eventually find its way there. My goal is to include modern Fortran implementations of all the standard orbital mechanics algorithms such as:

  • Lambert solvers
  • Kepler propagators
  • ODE solvers (Runge-Kutta, Nyström, Adams)
  • Orbital element conversions

Then we’ll see where it goes from there. The code will be released under a permissive BSD style license.

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One comment on “Fortran Astrodynamics Toolkit
  1. Cumulo Epsilon says:


    Me old retired lawyer guy doin a little fortran with gfortran.  Things have sure changed lots since fortran iv,  me be thinkin , but Im doing ok learning. I stole your programs, hope you don’t mind too much, you are good programmer and I can learn lots of new tricks from you. Using fat for some astrodynamics stuff, trying to see ways to get to Mars and such, even though I’ll not live to see it like I did the moon landing. I’m trying out your gooding and lambert stuff. Using iauplan94 routine (SOFA) for planet PV state vectors (instead of jpl ephemeris)  then convert to Keplerian for propagation, works good for quickwork.  Using a Raspberry Pi, learning linux by necessity. Oh well, not so bad. Works just fine . Twiddling with multiprocessing (openmp)  as Pi3 has 4 cores, doing ok on own code but nervous about adapting other peoples software without some assurances since I’m too old for bleeding edge fun.  FAT looks lit it was meant for openmp but… you don’t say it is so. Parallel lambert’s might be nice.

    Anyway, glad to meet you and happy to see your work, which seems to me pretty expert, so happy to steal and use.    PS Saw a  paper using fortran and your fat routines for some lambert study ( forget what – mars cyclers?).  So, Keep working. News of death of FORTRAN  is entirely exaggerated, methinks.


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