Gfortran 6.1

Gfortrangccegg-65 6.1 (part of GCC) has been released. The release notes don’t say much with respect to Fortran:

  • The MATMUL intrinsic is now inlined for straightforward cases if front-end optimization is active. The maximum size for inlining can be set to n with the -finline-matmul-limit=n option and turned off with -finline-matmul-llimit=0.
  • The -Wconversion-extra option will warn about REAL constants which have excess precision for their kind.
  • The -Winteger-division option has been added, which warns about divisions of integer constants which are truncated. This option is included in -Wall by default.

But, apparently, this version includes some nice updates, including support for Fortran 2008 submodules, Fortran 2015 Coarray events, as well as bug fixes for deferred-length character variables.

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