Intel Fortran Compiler 18.0

Intel has just released version 18 of the Intel Fortran Compiler (part of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018). At long last, this release includes full support for the Fortran 2008 standard. The updates since the previous compiler release include:

  • COMPLEX arguments to trigonometric and hyperbolic intrinsic functions
  • FINDLOC intrinsic function
  • Optional argument BACK in MAXLOC and MINLOC intrinsic functions
  • Multiple type-bound procedures in a PROCEDURE list
  • Passing a non-pointer data item to a pointer dummy argument
  • Polymorphic assignment with allocatable Left Hand Side (LHS)
  • Allocatable components of recursive type and forward reference
  • Data statement restrictions removed

In addition, the new release also includes support for all the features from “Technical Specification 29113 Further Interoperability with C”, planned for inclusion in Fortran 2015. These include:

  • Assumed type (TYPE(*))
  • Assumed rank (DIMENSION(..))
  • Relaxed restrictions on interoperable dummy arguments
  • ISO_Fortran_binding.h C include file for use by C code manipulating “C descriptors” used by Fortran

Hopefully, it won’t take so long to get the compiler up to full Fortran 2015 compliance (see a previous post for a list of new Fortran 2015 features).

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One comment on “Intel Fortran Compiler 18.0
  1. Johannes says:

    Dear Jacob,

    many thanks for the update and your short overview of important new features, which goes further than Intel’s release notes and forum message for PSXE 2018.

    One major drawback for Windows users is the loss of context sensitive help in VS (‘F1’ help in all products). A lengthy discussion can be found here

    Let’s hope that Intel does listen more to the customers. I like the compilers from Intel very much, but I’m a little bit disappointed by the latest developments.

    Best regards, Johannes


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