Modern Fortran References

In the last few years, a number of excellent books have been published about modern Fortran:

  • R. J. Hanson, Numerical Computing With Modern Fortran, SIAM-Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2013.
  • A. Markus, Modern Fortran in Practice, Cambridge University Press, 2012.
  • M. Metcalf, J. Reid, M. Cohen, Modern Fortran Explained, Oxford University Press, 2011.
  • N. S. Clerman, W. Spector, Modern Fortran: Style and Usage, Cambridge University Press, 2011.

In addition, other more general-purpose references on modern programming concepts (such as object-oriented programming and high performance computing) tailored to the Fortran programmer are:

  • D. Rouson, J. Xia, X. Xu, Scientific Software Design: The Object-Oriented Way, Cambridge University Press, 2011.
  • G. Hager, G. Wellein, Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers, CRC Press, 2011.

All of these are highly recommended, especially if you want to learn modern Fortran for the first time.  Under no circumstances should you purchase any Fortran book with the numbers “77”, “90”, or “95” in the title.

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One comment on “Modern Fortran References
  1. Jacob says:

    Here’s another good one:

    • W. S. Brainerd, “Guide to Fortran 2008 Programming”, Springer 2015.

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