SPICE N65 Released

JPL just released a new version of the SPICE Toolkit (N65).  According to the What’s New page, changes include:

  • support for some new environments and termination of some old environments
  • new Geometry Finder (GF) interfaces — illumination angle search, phase angle search, user-defined binary quantity search
  • new high-level SPK APIs allowing one to specify the observer or target as a location with a constant position and velocity rather than as an ephemeris object
  • new high-level APIs that check for occultation and in-Field-Of-View (FOV) conditions
  • new high-level illumination angle routines
  • new high-level reference frame transformation routine
  • new high-level coordinate system transformation routine for states
  • many Icy and Mice APIs that were formerly available only in SPICELIB and CSPICE
  • new data types: SPK (19, 20, 21), PCK (20), and CK (6)
  • performance improvements in the range of 10-50 percent for some types of use
  • ability to load up to 5000 kernels
  • increased buffers in the POOL and in SPK and CK segment search subsystems
  • new built-in body name/ID code mappings and body-fixed reference frames
  • a significant upgrade of utility SPKDIFF including the ability to sample SPK data
  • updates to other toolkit utilities — BRIEF, CKBRIEF, FRMDIFF, MKSPK, MSOPCK
  • bug fixes in Toolkit and utility programs
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