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Latest Library Updates

I just released some updates to my two most popular Fortran libraries on GitHub: JSON-Fortran and bspline-fortran. Coincidently, both are now at v5.2.0. Details of the updates are: JSON-Fortran There are several new features in this release. The biggest update

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Fortran CSV Module

The lowly CSV (comma-separated values) file never gets any respect. Sure, it isn’t really standardized, but it is a very useful text file format for columns of data, and is frequently encountered in science/engineering fields. Of course, there is no good

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Multidimensional Linear Interpolation (Part 2)

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we needed an object-oriented modern Fortran library for multidimensional linear interpolation. Well, here it is. I call it finterp, and it is available on GitHub. It can be used for 1D-6D interpolation/extrapolation of data on a regular

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Numerical Differentiation

I present the initial release of a new modern Fortran library for computing Jacobian matrices using numerical differentiation. It is called NumDiff and is available on GitHub. The Jacobian is the matrix of partial derivatives of a set of \(m\) functions

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Natural Sorting

Sorting is one of the fundamental problems in computer science, so of course Fortran does not include any intrinsic sorting routine (we’ve got Bessel functions, though!) String sorting is a special case of this problem which includes various choices to consider, for example: Natural

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Unlimited Private Repos on GitHub

GitHub announced yesterday that all of their paid plans now include unlimited private repositories. They’ve also simplified their pricing scheme, so now there is only one paid plan for individuals for $7 per month. This now includes unlimited private repositories, and these can include collaborators. All

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JSON-Fortran 5.0

JSON-Fortran 5.0 is out. This release finally brings thread-safety to the library. Note that it does break backward compatibility with previous versions, but hopefully it isn’t too much trouble to modify your code to be compatible with the new release. I’ve provided a

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SLSQP [1-2] is a sequential quadratic programming (SQP) optimization algorithm written by Dieter Kraft in the 1980s. It can be used to solve nonlinear programming problems that minimize a scalar function: subject to general equality and inequality constraints: and to lower

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B-Spline Fortran 4.0

My bspline-fortran multidimensional interpolation library is now at version 4.0. The documentation can be found here. Since I first mentioned it here, I’ve made many updates to this library, including: Added object-oriented wrappers to the core routines. The user now has the choice to use the

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Fortran and Pyplot

Python’s matplotlib.pyplot is a very nice collection of functions that provide an easy Matlab-like interface for data plotting. It can be used to generate quite professional looking plots. There is a lot of information on the internet about calling Fortran from Python,

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