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json-fortran 4.0.0

I just tagged the 4.0.0 release of json-fortran.  This is the first release with Unicode support (thanks to Izaak Beekman). Who says there are no good open source Fortran projects on the internet? The Unicode build of the library is optional

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I’ve started a new project on Github for a new modern object-oriented version of the Pikaia genetic algorithm code. This is a refactoring and upgrade of the Pikaia code from the High Altitude Observatory. The original code is public domain and was

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Complex Step Differentiation

Complex step differentiation is a method for estimating the derivative of a function  using the equation: Unlike finite-difference formulas, the complex-step formula does not suffer from roundoff errors due to subtraction, so a very small value of the step size can be

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Revenge of the Animated GIF

Yes, now animated GIFs can be created using only Fortran code.  I present FGIF, now on GitHub.  It is a modified and updated version of the public domain code found on the Fortran Wiki.  It was used to create the image shown here (which

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json-fortran 1.0.0

I just tagged the 1.0.0 release of json-fortran.  You’re welcome, interwebs.

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Fortran Astrodynamics Toolkit

I’m starting a new project on GitHub: the Fortran Astrodynamics Toolkit. Hardly anyone is developing open source orbital mechanics software for modern Fortran, so the time has come. Most of the code from this blog will eventually find its way

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JSON + Fortran

Introducing json-fortran, an easy-to-use JSON API written in modern Fortran.  As far as I know, it’s currently the only publically-available production-ready JSON API for Fortran that does not involve an interface to C libraries.  The code is hosted at GitHub, and is released under

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