Fortran Configuration File Formats

String and file manipulation in Fortran isn’t as bad as you’ve heard (OK, it’s bad, but it’s getting better). Sure, modern Fortran only provides the bare minimum of features for this sort of thing out of the box, but various libraries are starting

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JSON-Fortran 5.3.0

JSON-Fortran 5.3.0 is out. This release includes a few minor bug fixes and a couple of new features. For one thing, it is now possible to easily build or modify a JSON structure without using pointer variables. Here’s an example: As

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Latest Library Updates

I just released some updates to my two most popular Fortran libraries on GitHub: JSON-Fortran and bspline-fortran. Coincidently, both are now at v5.2.0. Details of the updates are: JSON-Fortran There are several new features in this release. The biggest update

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JSON-Fortran 5.1

JSON-Fortran 5.1 is out. There are several new features in this release. I added a get_path() routine that can be used to return the path of a variable in a JSON structure. This can be used along with the traverse() routine

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JSON-Fortran 5.0

JSON-Fortran 5.0 is out. This release finally brings thread-safety to the library. Note that it does break backward compatibility with previous versions, but hopefully it isn’t too much trouble to modify your code to be compatible with the new release. I’ve provided a

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JSON-Fortran 4.2

The 4.2.0 release of the JSON-Fortran library is now available on GitHub. This version has a few new features and a couple of minor bug fixes. The source code documentation is also now produced by FORD, which is a great new

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json-fortran 4.0.0

I just tagged the 4.0.0 release of json-fortran.  This is the first release with Unicode support (thanks to Izaak Beekman). Who says there are no good open source Fortran projects on the internet? The Unicode build of the library is optional

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json-fortran 1.0.0

I just tagged the 1.0.0 release of json-fortran.  You’re welcome, interwebs.

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JSON + Fortran

Introducing json-fortran, an easy-to-use JSON API written in modern Fortran.  As far as I know, it’s currently the only publically-available production-ready JSON API for Fortran that does not involve an interface to C libraries.  The code is hosted at GitHub, and is released under

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