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Natural Sorting

Sorting is one of the fundamental problems in computer science, so of course Fortran does not include any intrinsic sorting routine (we’ve got Bessel functions, though!) String sorting is a special case of this problem which includes various choices to consider, for example: Natural

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Topological Sorting

Topological sorting can be used to determine the order in which a collection of interdependent tasks must be performed. For example, when building a complex modern Fortran application, there can be many modules with complex interdependencies (via use association). A Fortran building system (like FoBiS,

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Sorting with Magic Numbers

Updated July 7, 2014 Poorly commented sourcecode is one of my biggest pet peeves. Not only should the comments explain what the routine does, but where the algorithm came from and what its limitations are.  Consider ISORT, a non-recursive quicksort routine from SLATEC,

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