The New Features of Fortran 2015

The glacially slow pace of Fortran language development continues! The next standard, Fortran 2015, mainly consists of updates for Fortran/C interoperability and new coarray features such as teams. In addition, there are a bunch of minor changes and discrepancy fixes. A few of the new features are:

  • The venerable implicit none statement has been updated to allow for some additional use related to external procedures.
  • The stop code in error stop can now be any integer or character expression.
  • An out_of_range intrinsic was added to allow for testing whether a real or
    integer value can be safely converted to a different real or integer type and kind.
  • You can now declare the kind of the loop variable inside an implied do loop. For example: iarray = [(2*i, integer :: i=1,n)].
  • All procedures are now recursive by default. This is an interesting change. Ever since recursion was added to the language in Fortran 90, a procedure has had to be explicitly declared as recursive. Now, you have to use non_recursive if you don’t want to allow a procedure to be used recursively.
  • Some new syntax to indicate the locality status of variables within a do concurrent loop.
  • There are a lot of new IEEE intrinsic routines for some reason.

Fortran 2015 is expected to be published in 2018.

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