Unlimited Private Repos on GitHub

OctocatGitHub announced yesterday that all of their paid plans now include unlimited private repositories. They’ve also simplified their pricing scheme, so now there is only one paid plan for individuals for $7 per month. This now includes unlimited private repositories, and these can include collaborators.

All of my open source projects are hosted on GitHub. It’s been a great way to share and collaborate on code. Now it looks like it’s even better for working on stuff that you might not want to share.

Be sure to also check out the Fortran F/OSS programmers group.

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One comment on “Unlimited Private Repos on GitHub
  1. Stefano says:

    GitHub is absolutely a revolution for software development.

    Without GitHub I was not able to meet you, Zaak and all people that teach me how to program… Surely, it is the best social-hub for software development. Soon I will buy an individual account: I really do not need it because all my projects are FOSS, but it is a contribution for the GitHub guys.

    See you soon!

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