Month: August 2015

Coarray Fortran in Action

Hey, there’s an article on the internet that mentions Coarray Fortran (introduced in the Fortran 2008 standard), and how it is the right tool for a particular massive computational job. It doesn’t mention punchcards, the 1950s, or express any surprise that people

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Intel Fortran Compiler 16.0

Intel just announced the availability of version 16.0 of the Intel Fortran Compiler (part of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016).  New features include: Submodules (Fortran 2008) IMPURE ELEMENTAL (Fortran 2008) EXIT from BLOCK (Fortran 2008) Full “Further Interoperability with C” implementation from TS29113 (Fortran 2015)

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JSON-Fortran 4.2

The 4.2.0 release of the JSON-Fortran library is now available on GitHub. This version has a few new features and a couple of minor bug fixes. The source code documentation is also now produced by FORD, which is a great new

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