GFortran 7.1

GCC (which includes GFortran) version 7.1 has just been released. Various features from Fortran 2003-2015 have been added, including:

  • User-defined derived-type input/output (UDTIO).
  • Partial support for derived type coarrays with allocatable and pointer components.
  • Non-constant stop codes and error stop codes.
  • Derived types with allocatable components of recursive type.
  • Intrinsic assignment to polymorphic variables.

Partial support for OpenMP 4.5 is also included. It looks like they also added support for several non-standard extensions that are present in legacy code. GFortran still hasn’t quite made it to full Fortran 2003 support, over a decade after that standard was published. But they are getting there. Thanks to the small number of volunteers who work on this. You are the real heroes!

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