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Fortran 2018

The upcoming Fortran standard formerly known as Fortran 2015 has a new name: Fortran 2018. It was decided to change it in order to match the expected year of publication. This makes sense. The previous standard (Fortran 2008) was published

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Another One Bites the Dust

JPL recently released an update to their awesome SPICE Toolkit (it is now at version N66). The major new feature in this release is the Digital Shape Kernel (DSK) capability to define the shapes of bodies (such as asteroids) via tessellated plate

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C++ vs Fortran (Part 3)

Built-in high-level support for arrays (vectors and matrices) using a very clean syntax is one of the areas where Fortran really shines as a programming language for engineering and scientific simulations. As an example, consider matrix multiplication. Say we have

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C++ vs Fortran (Part 2)

Here is some C++ code (from actual NASA software): Here is the same code translated to Fortran: 😀 References N. Maclaren, Why (and Why Not) to Use Fortran Instead of C++, Matlab, Python etc, University of Cambridge Computing Service, June 2012. Daniel

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Too Much Confusion

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about the Fortran programming language on the internet, and a general ignorance about it among programmers. Most younger programmers who use languages invented five minutes ago probably have never seen it, and may only be dimly

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I just came across this article from 2005 written by Jef Raskin (probably most famous for having initiated the Macintosh project at Apple) on source code documentation [1]. I agree with much of what he recommends. I have never believed that code can

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C++ vs Fortran

I agree with everything said in this article: My Corner of the World: C++ vs Fortran.  I especially like the bit contrasting someone trying to learn C++ for the first time in order to do some basic linear algebra (like a matrix

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