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GFortran 7.1

GCC (which includes GFortran) version 7.1 has just been released. Various features from Fortran 2003-2015 have been added, including: User-defined derived-type input/output (UDTIO). Partial support for derived type coarrays with allocatable and pointer components. Non-constant stop codes and error stop

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Gfortran 6.1

Gfortran 6.1 (part of GCC) has been released. The release notes don’t say much with respect to Fortran: The MATMUL intrinsic is now inlined for straightforward cases if front-end optimization is active. The maximum size for inlining can be set

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Fortran Compiler News

The GNU Project just announced the availability of GCC 5.1.  There are various new GFortran features, including: Availability of the intrinsic IEEE modules (ieee_features, ieee_exceptions and ieee_arithmetic) from Fortran 2003. Support for implicit none (external, type) from Fortran 2015. GFortran is

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GCC 4.9.1

GCC 4.9.1 has been released.  The big news for Fortran users is that OpenMP 4.0 is now supported in gfortran.

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