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Fortran and Pyplot

Python’s matplotlib.pyplot is a very nice collection of functions that provide an easy Matlab-like interface for data plotting. It can be used to generate quite professional looking plots. There is a lot of information on the internet about calling Fortran from Python,

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Midpoint Circle Algorithm

The Midpoint circle algorithm is a clever and efficient way of drawing a circle using only addition, subtraction, and bit shifts.  It is based on the Bresenham line algorithm developed by Jack Bresenham in 1962 at IBM. The algorithm was also independently discovered by

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Revenge of the Animated GIF

Yes, now animated GIFs can be created using only Fortran code.  I present FGIF, now on GitHub.  It is a modified and updated version of the public domain code found on the Fortran Wiki.  It was used to create the image shown here (which

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