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The SLATEC Common Mathematical Library (CML) is written in FORTRAN 77 and contains over 1400 general purpose mathematical and statistical routines. SLATEC is an acronym for the “Sandia, Los Alamos, Air Force Weapons Laboratory Technical Exchange Committee”, an organization formed in 1974 by the

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SLSQP [1-2] is a sequential least squares constrained optimization algorithm written by Dieter Kraft in the 1980s. Today, it forms part of the Python pyOpt package for solving nonlinear constrained optimization problems. It was written in FORTRAN 77, and is filled

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I’ve started a new project on Github for a new modern object-oriented version of the Pikaia genetic algorithm code. This is a refactoring and upgrade of the Pikaia code from the High Altitude Observatory. The original code is public domain and was

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Multidimensional B-Spline Interpolation

I just started a new modern Fortran software library called bspline-fortran, which is for multidimensional (multivariate) b-spline interpolation of data defined on a regular grid. It is available on GitHub, and released under a permissive BSD-style license. It seems impossible to find

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Fixed to Free Form Fortran Conversion

Old style fixed-form Fortran code (commonly called FORTRAN 77 style) was replaced by free-form style in 1991 with the introduction of the Fortran 90 standard. In spite of this, fixed-form code can still be found in legacy projects, and there

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